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Getting Your Rights Restored​

All persons who have been convicted of a felony may have his or her voting rights restored (excluding exceptions) by completing the “Restoration of Rights” process.

The following steps must be completed to get one’s voting rights restored:

  1. Obtain the “Restoration of Rights” application.

  2. Applicant will first take the application to the local Division of Probation/Parole to be completed by a qualified official of that office.

  3. From there, the applicant will take the application to the local Circuit Court Clerk’s office to be completed by a qualified official from that office.

  4. The applicant will then take the completed application to the Election Commission office and complete a voter registration form.

  5. The Election Commission official will forward the application to the Tennessee Division of Elections for approval.

  6. Once the Election Commission receives written approval to register to vote the applicant, the Election Commission will register to vote the applicant and send him/her a voter registration card.

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