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Filling Vacancies

If the county election commission determines that an official whom it has appointed cannot serve, the commission shall appoint a registered voter of the county to fill the vacancy.

Where Election Officials can serve

Election Officials may serve in any precinct of their state house district.
Precinct registrars who are registered voters may work in any precinct in the county.

A Voting Precinct’s Political Party makeup

Not more than two of the Judges at a polling place may be of the same political party, if persons from different political parties are willing to serve. When primaries are held by both political parties on the same day, at least (1) judge from each political party shall be appointed.

Persons who can or cannot work in an election

The following persons are not allowed to serve as election officials:

    1. any elected official,

    2. governmental or governmental agency employees,

    3. employees of elected officials,

    4. candidates in the election

An exception to this rule allows the following people to serve as election officials:

    1. Notaries

    2. Employees, faculty members or instructors at institutes of higher education school teachers

    3. Members of the reserves of the armed forces. However, if the individuals are full-time employees of the reserves of the national guard or they are on active duty, then the Code does disqualify them from being election officials.


How close can a candidate or a candidate’s representative(s) hand out campaign literature and/or solicit votes for a candidate?

A candidate cannot come closer than 100 feet from the entrance to any polling place where there is voting taking place, unless the candidate is voting.

Can a voter carry a sample ballot in to vote with him or her?

Yes, as long as the voter does not show it to any other voters. Each candidate is allowed to appoint a poll watcher at each precinct.

What if a voter has a campaign sign or sticker on his/her vehicle when they come into the polling place to vote? Are they allowed to vote?

Yes, as long as they go straight inside to vote, then vote and leave immediately. The vehicle cannot be left inside the 100 foot boundary once the voter has completed voting.


  • A candidate is allowed to appoint a poll watcher at each polling place.

  • The appointment must be in writing and turned in to the election commission office no later than 12:00 noon on the (2nd) day before the election.

  • Poll watchers can only observe the activity inside and around the polling place.

  • Poll watchers cannot assist voters or accompany voters inside the voting booth.

  • Poll watchers cannot talk to voters or interfere with the process whatsoever.

  • Poll watchers can only speak with the Officer of Elections at a polling place.

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